Interlec’s consistent commitment to quality has resulted in achievement of QA certification to ISO9001:2018.

Interlec have appointed SAI Global as their Certification Assessor.

Interlec’s Quality Policy Statement

The Policy of Interlec Pty Ltd is to provide Electrical and Power Distribution Contracting Services to clients through a Quality Assurance system in accordance with the requirements of International Standards and agreed specifications and contracts in the provision of contract/project management, procurement, supply, installation and maintenance of :

  • Electrical and Power Distribution.
  • Cabling, Data, MATV and Telecommunication.

That provides absolute client satisfaction.

The inter-related functions of Quality, Efficiency, Safety and Profitability are essential to our business, thus the implementation and achievement of quality is, combined with other functions the responsibility of all levels of Management and Supervision.

Interlec Management objectives are to:

  • Ensure all Interlec Pty Ltd personnel are aware and committed to the Company Quality Policy and Quality Standard requirements and that they possess the necessary knowledge of such to implement the relevant procedures
  • Assess and identify Client requirements to ensure the Quality System is relevant.
  • Ensure and maintain that Company produced documentation is correct, complete and complies with but is not necessarily limited to requirements of our Clients.

In order to achieve these objectives all problem areas shall be solved with efficiency and economy, not withstanding that all objectives and methods of the Quality System are continually reviewed and all techniques of such provisioning is improved when necessary.

All personnel shall be responsible for the Quality of work by that person, and that Company Policy and Procedures are implemented to ensure provision of a committed and dedicated team approach towards excellence of which is the Standard of Quality to be achieved by Interlec Pty Ltd.

The Contracts Manager and Quality Manager report to the Managing Director and are responsible for the operation of the Quality System. Conformance with the Quality System Provisions will be the responsibility of staff and employees dedicated to such as seen on the Quality Control Matrix.

All levels of Management and Supervision shall be committed to the Company’s Quality Management Programme and I hereby consider such commitment will further enhance our reputation, competitiveness and long-term success in the Electrical Contracting and Engineering Industry and provide an even higher degree of employee satisfaction.

Certification Documents

PDF Quality Policy

PDF Environmental Policy

PDF Workplace Health and Safety Policy

PDF Certificate of Registration