Project Location – This scope forms part of the work for CBH Groups’ 2019 Harvest Program in Western Australia. Location of the Works is at CBHs’ Lake Grace Site which is circa 250km or 2 hours 43 mins drive North of Albany.
Site Address – Corner of South Rd. & Dewar St. Lake Grace WA 6353.

Scope of Work

Existing CLS3 (servicing existing OBH05 & 06) Generator & Generator Distribution Board Relocation

  • Liaising with the civil supervisor to ensure a smooth interface between scopes of works, in particular conduit locations cast into the concrete / bitumen / pavement;
  • Supplying and installation of conduits and pits shall be in accordance with the latest conduit layout plan and schedule. Works shall include excavation of trenches, supply and installation of bedding sand, danger tape, backfilling and compaction shall be carried out in accordance with CBH Specification TS-6 and TS10. The trench shall be barricaded with a continuous danger tape barricade. The barricade is to be a minimum of 1.5m from the edge of the trench. The barricade is to be maintained at a height of 1.2m from ground level while the trench is open. This task is to be carried out prior to allow for ease of access;
  • Once all services are installed, inform the CBH Representative to verify prior to continuing with the backfilling of the trench and compact as per CBH Specification TS-6;
  • Isolation and removal of supply cables from existing generator and generator distribution board;
  • Decommission and removal of existing motor control center supply cable and hand over to Principal Representative;
  • The existing generator distribution board conduit to the motor control center, is to be extended to new location as per drawings;
  • Supply and install new conduit from generator to generator distribution board as per the drawings;
  • Supply, installation and termination of all electrical cables as per the drawings and cable schedule;
  • Testing and signing off all electrical works; and completing and submitting redline drawings to CBH representative;
  • All in-ground services shall be surveyed before backfilling.

Existing CLS3 and new CLS5 (servicing existing OBH05 & 06) Generator & Generator Distribution Board Relocation

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